Friday, July 24, 2009

Another layout

It's friday already... how time flies especially if you have a deadline that you're trying to avoid. But despite my deadline, I was able to finish another layout for 2 days. Before, it takes me a week to finish a layout but recently, I can finish it overnight or for 2 days. (But I will not be able to finish a layout without the help of the sketches I download...wink...wink).

Here is a finsh lo of my dd taking her first bath on her tub

A closer look... And see, I have a journaling which I normally don't do. And I was able to use my grommet tool after a long, long, long time. Plus, I did my favorite technique -- embossing with UTEE white.

Btw, while I was looking for coloring books for my niece in NBS-SLE, I was able to scavenge chipboards which are really cheap. Cost only Ph37.00 for 24 pieces each.

Good find noh... Happy weekend everyone... Till next post

Monday, July 20, 2009

Sunday... Workday

It's sunday today, unfortunately, still have to work today. Saw a total of 11 persons for ultrasound. Not bad for a sunday work, but it would be better if I will be my dd and spend the rest of the day with her. She's now playing with dh so that i can post here again.

I was able to finish a layout yesterday. I'm becoming to be a very fast scrapper, as long as I have a sketch in my mind or one to copy, everything comes out. The only problem comes when I add some embelishments.

Here is my finish lo of my dd:

A closer look of her pictures...

It's nice being techie and being in touch with the world. Just now, as I was logging at my email, I got a lot of invitation from facebook. (Have to explore that pa) It's nice being in touch with people you haven't seen for a long time. (I must check and update my account with them.)

Lastly, I'm really wishing for a Tonic Border Punch.

I am just an addict in border punchers. I just can't seem to get enough of it. Here is what tonic border puncher can do.

Oops, it monday na

Until next post.... Thanks for dropping by...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hook into blogging

I think I'm hook into blogging, I just can't help myself posting. Like for today, I want to share a favorite layout of my dh and my dd.

They do look a like so much noh?... My dd is the female and kid version of my dh.

Hay, I just missed SE EB today... Next time maybe...

Till next posting...:-)

Friday, July 17, 2009 own blog

Finally, with the help of my nephew and Imee, I am able to create my very own blog. I had been trying to create one for about a year now and maybe I do not have the time or most probably the patience.

How do we go about blogs? Will it become my daily diary? Or post most of my finish scrapbook works? I guess, I just have to go with the flow...

Just today, due to the rain, I stayed home and became glued to my laptop. I joined facebook and finished my blog. I was also able to make a new layout of my dd... (learning the net I also have to take pictures of the layouts I did for Memory Lane Store.

Closer look...

And for me to finish all of this, I have to let my dd watch brainy baby so that she will be pre-occupied and not bother me. See how attentive she watches the show...

Isn't she just adorable... Till next post.... :-)