Monday, November 16, 2009

Hibernating for awhile

After a long, long time. I am finally backed to scrapping and finally will update my blog.
A lot of things have happened, the typhoon, a new member of the family, my mom is back from US and now my baby girl is going to school in Gymboree, Shangri-la.

It's a good thing I'm with the Thursday group wherein we get to scrap once a month (last thursday of the month) and teach each other new techniques or what we have discovered and share to the group. Or we just share some good finds we have or just talk about the latest arrivals of the LSS and split the goodies among us. Or just share our new toys.

Here is one of my favorite layouts. We actually used canvass here. Thanks to our teacher Bessie who patiently taught us and provided us with free kits to make our own layout.

My next layouts were inspired by pagemaps or sketches that I have downloaded in the net.

Closer look of my inspirations
Here are still my other layouts:

With this layout, I tried using my old stuffs and having some white space also.

I only have a few layouts of myself, my layouts usually are of my husband and Mikee. Anyway, Mikee was the reason why I was hooked to this hobby. I just love taking her pictures and preserving it.

Its so easy to make layouts especially if you have nice papers. Like this paper from K&Co (A to Z), got it from Memory Lane Store. The paper was fully dressed up that I just added a few embellishments and its ready to go.

This is just a simple layout which I am totally crazy about. Its so coincidence that I was able to buy a chipboard embelishment of a weighing scale and my baby's picture exactly fits the scale. Its like she was really on top of the scale.

Well, I guess this is it for the day. Will be updating again hopefully tomorrow and will be able to share more of my layouts.

See yah!

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